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Many companies have found that traditional marketing just isn’t as effective as it used to be and they’ve decided to add a “Social Media Manager” position to their staff. This position generally does some of the traditional marketing, but also manages their Facebook presence, “tweeting” on twitter and maintaining some sort of company blog, separate from the companies traditional type web page.

Why exactly is that sort of thing happening? First off most people under the age of forty don’t use the phone book at all. They immediately go to the internet and enter in the URL of a search engine to find information. This is just as true if they are looking for someone to mow their lawn as it is if they are looking for an attorney to handle their divorce. It doesn’t matter [click to continue…]

How do you differentiate yourself from your competition? If you’re no different than anyone else out there, there is no reason for anyone to select your company.

Be Outstanding

I have been active on the internet for almost fifteen years. I’m also a 13 year military veteran and graduated from college with highest honors at age 41. Why do I tell you this? It’s not to brag. It’s to set myself apart from the other writers and marketers out there. What are you doing to separate yourself from the crowd?

Here are three things you really need to think about before making another move. [click to continue…]

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You’ve got a web site; I’ve got a web site; Auntie Ruth has a web site. Having a web site was the territory of a small minority of people, but now you can’t take your dog for a walk without tripping over a blogger writing his or her latest entry. Maybe you get struck by inspiration and your message could have serious impact, but if no one reads them, they are for naught. How can you get people to visit? Here are a couple tried and true ideas that can impact it starting right away.

Send out an e-mail to your friends and relatives. Sometimes it’s as easy as just telling people about your web site to get them to visit. I’ve had a number of people who [click to continue…]


What is your distinguishing feature? What sets your business apart from the competition, and how do potential customers find out about that?

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All Show and No Go?

The real question when it comes to your business is why would anyone choose you over your competitors? This question holds true no matter how you market your business. You can try word of mouth or bombarding the airwaves through your local radio or television station, but when push comes to shove, most people are going to make their selection by what sets you apart from the crowd.

So what does set you apart from the crowd? When Election Day comes around, all of the candidates are letting you know their finer points and also trying to expose weaknesses in their competition. But in business, it is probably better to toot [click to continue…]

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I’ve always heard that you should beef up your weak areas, and this sort of holds true in professional sports. The draft is usually looked upon as a time/place to find players to “fill holes” but probably more often than not they are really building on strengths. Shouldn’t you do the same?

We recently bought a program that claimed to be able to turn our internet success from a candle into a bonfire. I’ve bought a lot of programs that have made similar claims whether it was a business multiplier, personal success strategies or physical fitness short cuts; they are all making the brag – we can help you do ‘it’ bigger, faster, better and stronger. In general, I think that if you get one or two useful pieces out of an event, book or e-course, it was worth it.

c'mon baby lite my fire. So the latest course, Danielle Laport’s Fire Starter Sessions has already paid off because it shifted my thinking. I’ve been trying to learn how to do copywriting. It’s basically persuasive writing, and I am a pretty good writer, so I should be able to take something middle of the road and turn it into gold. But then I read that instead of building my weaknesses, I should be playing to my strengths. It only makes sense.

Some of the world’s best are the best at one thing. Put them into another field and they would be OK, or maybe even pretty good, but probably not world class. Example, take a world class sprinter who can run the 100 meter dash in under ten seconds. That same sprinter can try to make it as a receiver in the NFL, but unless they have the hands, timing and knowledge, they aren’t going to be world class anymore.

Let’s move to a different field altogether. Yoyo Ma is considered to be the finest cello player in the world, but if you put a violin in his hand, he is only fantastic. Give him a trumpet, and although he is a world class musician, he’s not going to be able to adapt. Yes, he probably could be pretty good at it, but given the time and effort needed, he would soon lose some of his proficiency on the cello. So he plays to his strength. So should we all.

We all have gifts which can take us to the top of a niche. The niche doesn’t have to be something that is going to make us famous or even necessarily make us a millionaire, but if you have a gift, play it for all it is worth. Your gift is not only for you, it is for the rest of the world as well. With all of us playing for all we are worth, the world is going to be a better place, and we are going to be happier.

What is your gift? Find the thing that makes you happiest and brings the most joy and make that thing the center of your universe. When you do this, you will find that you can achieve great things.

Here’s an aside on lifelong learning: I love learning new things and taking courses, reading books, whatever, because I get bonuses. The best bonus, in addition to the content, is that if it’s got good content I have to stop fairly often and think about what is being presented. I have mini-aha moments, and those often result in an article. That’s a cool benefit because sometimes those aha articles go in tangential directions and something completely different arises. (A phoenix from the ashes, except the ashes were already a phoenix, so it’s a double phoenix.)


Twenty years and a few generations ago, people had very few places to go to find someone to fix their roof or patch a leaking pipe in their basement. The options were either a newspaper or the phone book. If you owned a business, you might get fancy and run ads on the local television or radio show, and people would know your name and where to find you.  But those options just don’t work anymore (unless your target market is over 60).

better move on...

Who's Looking?

Some of the “Greatest Generation” is still using those search methods, but most of the world is now using online search engines to find service providers and products. If you’re one who searches online, you’re who I’m talking about. If you want new music, you aren’t going to the phone book to find a record store. You’re going to Amazon or eBay or one of a million different websites. If you have a problem you need solved “NOW,” you aren’t waiting for tomorrow’s paper to be delivered to possibly find an ad for a plumber. You are visiting Google ® or Yahoo ® to find someone immediately.

That’s great for the consumer, but what about you, the small business owner? [click to continue…]


How much do you spend on advertising for your business? And by business, I mean for whatever you are promoting. That thing might be a brick and mortar traditional type business or it might be for a book or product that you are selling through the internet. In either case, most people agree that word of mouth is the best advertising. People talk to their friends and recommend a movie, a restaurant, a contractor, or a service provider.

Why do you think that DirecTV has the incentive that if you tell a friend and they subscribe, you each get a hundred dollars? It’s word of mouth with a reward, and of course, the business has a new customer for a two year contract or whatever term. The concept is about feelings and beliefs. You are more likely to ‘buy into’ something (pardon the phrase, but isn’t it so applicable here?) if someone you know, like and trust has recommended it.

Obviously this is about marketing and spreading your message. How do you spread your message? [click to continue…]