Publicity: Generating Traffic and Customers

You’ve got a web site; I’ve got a web site; Auntie Ruth has a web site. Having a web site was the territory of a small minority of people, but now you can’t take your dog for a walk without tripping over a blogger writing his or her latest entry. Maybe you get struck by inspiration and your message could have serious impact, but if no one reads them, they are for naught. How can you get people to visit? Here are a couple tried and true ideas that can impact it starting right away.

Send out an e-mail to your friends and relatives. Sometimes it’s as easy as just telling people about your web site to get them to visit. I’ve had a number of people who just stumbled upon my web site and wrote a comment saying, “oh, I never knew. Why didn’t you tell me?” and the thing is that you might take for granted that they know. Telling someone at a party or any social event is great; you are spreading the word, but there’s nothing like getting ‘the word’ while you are sitting at your computer. That’s when someone can actually click on a link and book mark your site. An e-mail is more or less like handing out a business card. People don’t mind getting the odd e-mail, just don’t send one every day telling of your latest entry.

That strategy can work for a business oriented web site the same as a personal web site – just don’t cross the lists. Your accountant doesn’t want to read about your night out for karaoke, just like cousin Billy doesn’t need to hear about your thoughts on 401K investment plans.

Most people don’t even think about using their e-mail address book in this manner, but it’s like having a mailing list, and that is how you should look at it. It’s a valuable tool to spread the word.

The second piece of your web site marketing campaign is social networks. You’ve probably built up a list of “friends” on Facebook or Twitter by now. Maybe it’s only fifty or a hundred people, but every visitor counts. And again, this is like throwing a pebble in a pond. You will get ripples if your web site has interesting content. You’ll tell two friends and hopefully they’ll tell two friends, etc. For business advice or information this is even more likely. It’s word of mouth, but it’s online. That makes it even easier to spread. For micro-web sites like Twitter I use Tiny URL, or Bit Ly. When you’ve only got 140 characters to work with to spread your message, you want to make every character count.

These two simple things can really help generate traffic quickly. Sometimes people overlook the obvious, so it is helpful to remind them.

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