Social Media Management – Your Online Marketing Presence and Bottom Line Is Key to Business Success

Make Your Business Take Off

Many companies have found that traditional marketing just isn’t as effective as it used to be and they’ve decided to add a “Social Media Manager” position to their staff. This position generally does some of the traditional marketing, but also manages their Facebook presence, “tweeting” on twitter and maintaining some sort of company blog, separate from the companies traditional type web page.

Why exactly is that sort of thing happening? First off most people under the age of forty don’t use the phone book at all. They immediately go to the internet and enter in the URL of a search engine to find information. This is just as true if they are looking for someone to mow their lawn as it is if they are looking for an attorney to handle their divorce. It doesn’t matter what they are looking for, it matters where they are looking.

This means that unless you are coming up in the Google or Yahoo search results, you might as well close your doors to younger customers. You may still get new clients through word of mouth, but why would you want to close the internet doors to your business? That just doesn’t make sense.

Having your own web site is a start, but you have to make sure that people can find you, and that’s where the difficulties may begin. There are lots of way to improve your position on the search engines. Some firms will tell you that it’s all about the “keywords” that are on your site. Years ago that may have given you a leg up on the competition, but nearly everyone is working the keyword angle these days. The truth is that incoming links and social networking is what is really bringing people to your site now.

If you aren’t utilizing social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter you are missing out on a real opportunity. Each post on sites like that can contain back-links to your website, and links from those sites carry some weight with search engines. Topping those with forum postings and regular blog entries is like adding icing to the cake. But the thing is these don’t really need to be done by a full time staff person, and adding these duties to someone who doesn’t understand the “why’s and how’s” isn’t going to have as much impact. Working this angle off the corner of one’s desk is almost like dismissing the entire concept and throwing in the towel.

That’s where outsourcing comes in. There is a huge untapped market of people out in “internet land” who totally get what I am talking about here, but only a percentage of them have the expertise to be seriously effective. Bringing an expert in social media marketing into your marketing circle can be a make or break decision for your online presence and can impact your bottom line.

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